Marsden Cove

“American Modern interpretation on the Marsden Cove waterways.”

Marsden Cove 1950s American Modern

Marsden Cove is a modern waterfront community just inside Whangarei Harbour. In 2014, a retiring couple with a budget of $3m asked Houston Architects to design a home for their exclusive canal property. They wanted a mid-century American inspired home constructed from robust, long-lasting materials.

The site offered stunning water views to both the east and the west, so part of the challenge was to orient the living rooms to maximize the views, while also catching the winter sun.

Our design included a durable pre-cast concrete exterior with a crisp skyline created by ensuring there were no visible flashings. To make the most of the water views and seamlessly connect the interior with the seaside environment, we specified large floor to ceiling double-glazed glass doors. They provide a completely unobstructed outlook and glide on special rollers into recessed cavities, allowing the whole wall to effortlessly disappear.

“We were delighted to find the property value had more than doubled and was well in excess of the construction cost. We enjoy the house so much we have no intention of moving.”  Marsden Cove clients.

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