Manurewa Church of Christ

“A forty year old building needed renovation and a new auditorium for the growing congregation”

A new 260 seat auditorium was planned to sit on the vacant land behind the original building. There was a desire to reflect something of the polynesian culture for the members of the congregation. Pre-cast concrete walls were chosen both as an economical construction and with sand blasted imagery providing the cultural expression for the people. The roof is a low maintenace warm roof providing good insulaton and protection against condensation.

The stage background, wave textured tiles are beautiful when up lit with a variety of coloured LED lights.

The renovation of the original building involved the removal of the central section of the roof and ceiling. This enabled the lifting of the ceiling to 2.7m and the visual lightening of the feel of the building. A welcome change from the dark and low ceiling that existed..

We are one of the few architectural practices in New Zealand that has an extensive track record of over forty years with ecclesiastical architecture. Whether you want to improve an existing structure or build a new structure, talk to us about the needs of your church. Our work extends to buildings that do dual duty so that church organisations can gain income from their premises.

Wayne Houston wrote his degree thesis on church design and understands the variety of needs each church building requires.