Architects for educational buildings in New Zealand

Houston Architects have been helping schools and educational institutions to add and improve buildings for nearly three decades. During that time we’ve designed a wide range of structures, including libraries, classrooms, halls, administration blocks, staff rooms and special education facilities for disabled students.

New Zealand schools often have to put up with the limitations of too-small buildings that were designed for other times. With our assistance, classrooms and shared spaces can be re-made and expanded to maximise natural light and ventilation, enhance acoustic properties and support thought processes with stimulating colours.

Successful educational building projects require much more than a creative concept; they need good teamwork that supports effective communication between the school stakeholders and architectural designers. Listening and advice-giving has to happen on both sides to ensure an outcome that delivers superior functionality and beautiful form.

Pain points for educational building projects

  • Lack of finance is a constant problem for school building projects and this can result in the forced choice of inferior products. In the interests of producing quality buildings that will endure, this compromise should be resisted.
  • Quality construction, a smart choice of materials and quality control management are the cornerstones of durable, well-designed buildings. Adherence to these goals does not automatically result in expensive buildings.
  • Making decisions as a group can be challenging, however working with an architect who understands the politics of school boards can help to ensure an excellent outcome.

Architectural services for educational institutions demand a careful balance of usability, economy and impressive visual impact. Trust us with your next school renovation or expansion project.

Browns Bay School

A new administration building to support school success.

Conifer Grove Primary School

Two-storey admin building with a feature staircase.

Elm Park Primary School

An exciting library project that came in under budget.

Tauhoa Primary

A contemporary design inspired by seagulls and dinghies.

Howick College

Multiple projects for a college that appreciates good architecture.

Mayfield Primary

Modern Pasifika architecture makes its mark.

Sunnyhills Primary

A multi-purpose halls with indoor-outdoor flow.

Yendarra Primary

A student-friendly library for a decile one school.