Wanganui House

3 Storey design in Wanganui

I was invited to fly down to Wanganui to view what proved to be a challenging site with roughly cut access to the rear of the site where a steep bank sloped up to the north.
The feature of the site were the amazing 270-degree views from Ruapehu to the east and sea views to the South West. This dictated the logical planning design of the living room on the top floor and the house on three levels. A lift was seen as necessary to lift shopping and people up to the prime living level.
Double garage and entry plus guest bedroom on the ground floor with bathroom and laundry facilities.
The second floor to have two large bedrooms and an office adjacent to a spa.
The living level with fireplace and designer kitchen, dining demanded a generous outdoor deck. All of which required a larger footprint than the floor below. V-shaped props were designed to support the huge cantilever.
Our client was thrilled to receive the photo realistic images and cast them onto their 60-inch screen. His family have been ecstatic and expressed their excitement with the project about to take place.
The green Bentley is a beautiful recent addition to this family.