Real Estate Q's: What is the average fee for selling a residential property?

Usually 4.5% of the sale price, plus other disbursements that you may agree to such as  advertising. Most agents will tell you they’re negotiable. Property Zone can, however, tailor the best deal for you from our network of Agents, sourced from multiple Agencies throughout the Auckland Region.

What is a CMA? I've heard Real Estate Agents refer to this.

A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis. This is an  estimate of the value of your property provided by your chosen Real Estate Agent. It is generally based on comparable market sales evidence and is not a Registered Valuation.

What is the difference between a CMA and a Registered Valuation?

A CMA is generated in accordance with the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. It is not a value, rather an estimate. It may not be used or relied upon for the purposes of lending. A Registered Valuation, on the other hand, may be used for lending purposes and is generated by a qualified registered valuer.

Legal Q's: We have our family Lawyer, why would we change?

Answer: You may have used your current lawyer for a number of years however they may not be the best person for the job. We have lawyers  within our network, that specialise in all facets of the law, not just property, that can assist for example with Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Disputes Resolution, Family Property Law, to name but a few.

Do I need my Lawyer to instruct a Conveyancer for me?

No you don’t. Unlike Barristers who are instructed by Lawyers to represent you, Independent Conveyancers can be instructed directly by you, the client.

Can I use a Conveyancer instead of a Lawyer to do conveyancing?

Yes you can. A Conveyancers’ sole purpose is conveyancing, that is all they do. They are efficient and often charge a fraction of what Lawyers charge.

Mortgage Broker Q: Why should we use a Mortgage Broker instead of our own Bank?

Banks will present you with only one rate, their own. It may not be the best rate in the market. Our Brokers can provide a range of options that include not only all Banks but private lenders and other financial institutions. They are dedicated to providing  the best rates available, tailored to your individual needs.

Valuation Q: How long does it take to get my house valued?

It varies. A standard residential valuation should be able to be completed within 48 hours of engagement, however depending how busy the valuer is at the time, it can sometimes take up to a few weeks. At Property Zone our valuers pride themselves on generating reports expeditiously. This is especially vital in a bullish marketplace.

Insurance Broker Q: What can an Insurance Broker do for me?

Our Brokers are able to provide you with a variety of written quotes from different Companies throughout NZ, normally within a day. The fact that they are independent means that they are dedicated to finding you the best deal available in the marketplace.

Building Inspector Q: Why would I need another Building Inspector? Council sends them out anyway.

Purchasing a property is normally the largest expense you’ll ever make in your lifetime. Independent Building Inspectors are able to generate detailed pre-purchase reports which can give purchasers peace of mind before deciding to purchase a property.

Accountant Q: I am running a small business. Why do I need an Accountant?

An Accountant can be great for small business. They can assist, for example, in minimising tax, supporting future planning to ensure not only success but longevity by correctly managing your accounts thus avoiding costly audit options.

General Q: Does Property Zone handle all types of property?

Yes we do. We have experts available throughout every sector of the property spectrum.