Property Experts All Under One Roof

Property Zone has hand-picked exceptional professionals from all over New Zealand. They are outstanding in their respective fields and all are connected through the process of property. By its very nature, the layered integration of property professionals all under one roof becomes, for you, a stream-lined process that eliminates stress from wasted effort, wasted time and wasted money.
Property Zone invites you to experience our process ...

Core Services

Real Estate

Property Zone has hand-picked some of the best Real Estate Agents from around the country to ensure that your property has optimum exposure to the marketplace. They will provide you with their considered opinion, based on fact, as to the best marketing strategies in accordance with local dynamics and market expectations.


Property Zone has exceptional legal advisors who are conversant not only in property law but also in areas such as Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning, Disputes Resolution and Family Law, which ironically makes them a zone unto themselves. Whatever your legal enquiry may be, Property Zone has access to some of the best legal minds in the country.


Property Zone works with Conveyancing Specialists who can provide you with options that may save you valuable time and money. You may not be aware, but you don’t necessarily need to engage a lawyer for conveyancing. Independent Specialists do the same job effectively and efficiently and their rates are extremely competitive.


Property Zone has partnered with established nationwide brokerage businesses that can generate a variety of independent quotes for you within a matter of hours. They  have developed solid professional networks over many years and liaise with the major insurance companies, entirely for your benefit.


Property Zone works with Brokers who will ensure that you are getting the best rates available in the marketplace. They will liaise with, not only Banks, but private lenders and other financial institutions. Because they are independent, they are not bound to any one lender and having more options can be beneficial to you in terms of cost saving.


Property Zone has a dedicated team of Accountants who can make a positive difference in the way you currently run your business. Whether you’re a contractor, sole-practitioner, small business or larger organisation, our accountants are adept at handling a multitude of finance related tasks and can be invaluable in helping your business run efficiently.

Valuers &
Property Consultants

We have teams of registered valuers who can provide valuations across all types of property. If you need an urgent residential valuation, it can be completed within 48 hours of inspection. Our valuers understand that delays can be deal breakers and, for their part, will streamline your process.  They are experienced and can be engaged immediately.


The myriad of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act makes Property Management a highly appealing option, both to absentee owners and investors. Why wouldn’t you want to own property and let Property Management bear the burden of potential tenancy issues?


Independent Building Inspectors can be engaged to conduct pre-purchase inspections for those looking to buy property. These inspections will detect hidden defects in construction and potentially save you from making a bad investment. We consider this an essential service.


Property Development is often an integral part of the property process and we have cultivated relationships with several developers around the country who have been involved in a variety of projects. These range from single use to complex multi-unit re-developments, rural/residential subdivisions and planned town centres.