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An architecture firm built around your wants and needs


Established in 1983, Houston Architects is deliberately small and cohesive team of Auckland architects with extensive building design experience and expertise. We work predominately on residential, commercial, education and church buildings in the Auckland region, however our track record includes projects in Wellington, Tauranga and other areas of New Zealand. 

Our number one purpose is to create exceptional client satisfaction.  To achieve this we concentrate our attention on just a few projects at a time, maintain close client relationships and ensure every step is driven by your wants and needs.


NZ architects you can trust


We believe in a ‘total design’ architectural philosophy, which means design disciplines permeate every aspect of the business, including the way we operate. This approach ensures building design outputs are based on facts and reality, not assumptions and guesses. Every output is checked against the original brief, however, there’s always flexibility to accommodate new requirements along the way.

Our attention to detail ensures every stage of each project is successful. You can trust us to streamline the journey to project realization by producing accurate and technically complex consent and tendering drawings, efficiently monitoring adherence to plans during construction and ensuring your architectural budget goes the distance.



Wayne Houston

BArch, NZCD (Arch), Registered Architect, Associate NZIA

Wayne has more than 40 years’ experience in architecture. During the 80s he was the founding partner of an architecture firm that employed 24 people, before deciding to reform the business into a boutique architectural practice, capable of providing a higher level of service. Always focusing on his clients’ wants and wishes, Wayne combines innovative expertise with a relentless attention to detail to create buildings that exceed expectations but not budgets. While interested in the design of all building types, he specializes in residential, school, church and commercial architecture.

“The process of creating great architecture is endlessly interesting.  Every project comes with its own set of challenges, which must be solved precisely and elegantly. Typically we work with clients again and again, forming professional relationships that continue for years. Being able to deliver a wonderful built environment for clients who are thrilled with the result is extremely satisfying”, says Wayne.

Apart from helping to make people’s architectural dreams come true, Wayne enjoys spending time with family. He favours snow skiing in winter and his summers are all about water sports at the family beach house.  On his less active days, you’ll often find Wayne behind the lens of a camera, with his nose in a good book or keeping up with emerging trends in architecture.


Murray Bishop

Murray is a highly skilled and knowledgeable architectural designer and technical with a National Diploma in Architectural Technology. After 10 years as a builder, he turned his hand to documentation and detailing.  Murray uses his knowledge of the Building Act and Code, New Zealand Standards and council regulations to prepare the design, consent, tender and construction documentation. For more than a decade he has helped clients with a wide range of architectural projects, including residential renovations and new-builds, re-clads, commercial properties, churches and schools.

“No two days on the job are the same, which is great. I get to liaise with the client, council. consultants and the builder to ensure each project succeeds. But what I probably enjoy the most is the creativity that’s required and the challenge of solving problems”, says Murray.

When he’s not creating detailed documents for clients, Murray likes to spend time raising his family. He’s also a keen outdoorsman and grabs any opportunity to get close to nature by hiking in New Zealand’s exceptional landscapes.


Deborah Scott

Deborah is the hub of Houston Architects.  Her natural affinity with people and unwavering attention to detail ensure she excels as our receptionist. Deborah also looks after our monthly accounts, record keeping, tax compliance and general office administration.

Since joining us at the start of the millennium, as a mother of three returning to work, Deborah has continuously developed and refined her exceptional secretarial and creative talents. She knows our business inside out and has mastered the art of being a senior partner’s personal assistant. She also contributes welcome improvements to our operations and projects, from consents and regulatory compliance processes to interior design recommendations.

“We’re a very close-knit group and no-one is above asking for help or offering assistance to create better outcomes for our clients. We treat each other with professional respect and there’s a family-like sense of shared effort. Every day here feels wonderfully rewarding”, says Deborah.

The centre of Deborah’s universe is her fully grown, but still close, family – including her beloved wirehaired terrier, Harry, a super senior in canine terms.  Reading, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, supported by a 25-year Les Mill’s gym membership, keeps Deborah exceptionally fit and well.


An Auckland based architectural office focusing on providing leadership in planning, architecture, urban design and interior design. With over 30 years award winning experience designing residential, church, school and commercial projects.