Commercial architects for Auckland and New Zealand

While we’re based in Auckland, we work on commercial architecture projects throughout the country. Our track record with commercial buildings includes refurbishments and updates as well as new builds.

As respected commercial architects in New Zealand, we believe that all challenges can be solved by good design. Even better, you can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the pulling power of attractive architecture.  In the words of Frank Gehry: Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

The process of commercial architectural design

Whether your project is an apartment building, a medical clinic or a restaurant, understanding the needs and wants of your end-users should always be the starting point. It can be good to create a concept board or Pinterest page that captures your target market.

Next is the fact gathering stage. We have a document called ‘Preparing an architect’s brief for a commercial project’ that helps with information collection.

Site visits are imperative. We need to observe outlooks, the movement of the sun, prevailing wind, shelter, ambience and the wider neighbourhood. Viewing your property with you helps us to understand its possibilities and the opportunities it offers.

Once we have all the information we need, our architects can launch into the design phase of the project. Part of this is making decisions about materials, fenestration, aspect and aesthetics. While we’re always aiming to create something of beauty, we balance form with function to ensure commercial building project is a success.

Commercial architecture requires the supreme sophistication of simplicity. We shape and define space, so that people can live better lives.

Bolton Hotel

New-build apartment hotel in Wellington.

Café Nourished

Sleek café at Number One Queen Street.

Holiday Inn

Serious update for a 1970s hotel.

SAAJ Restaurant

Clean, contemporary look for a Tauranga restaurant.