Aldersgate Road

“Adding value to a re-clad home.”

Discovering your home has not been weathertight for years can be devastating for any owner. Many people end up selling to recover whatever they can, then make a fresh start somewhere else.

Our clients at Aldersgate Road took the opposite approach. They contacted us in 2009 with a budget of around $500,000. They had a clear purpose of investing in a re-clad project that not only improved the appeal of their home, but also ensured its value increased well beyond the cost of the work.

A significant challenge on this project was the need to remove the old cladding and replace the timber framing, while keeping the internal lining. To achieve this we tailored our approach so the work could be carried out in small sections at a time and progress around the building.

To enhance the home’s value, we specified a German cladding system on aluminium channels (ventilated cavity on ‘rigid air barrier’ board). It creates an attractive concrete tile appearance that doesn’t need painting. The previously enclosed decks were also given a quality modern look with balustrades made from cedar on stainless steel. We designed large overhangs above the windows to add visual appeal and provide practical rain protection. And with maintenance-free longevity in mind, we introduced an additional cover batten to the window frames. This provides an extra layer of protection for the silicone seal around the windows.

The original mono-clad home had a CV of $700,000, however it would only have sold for about $450,000 in its leaky state. With its new low-maintenance weathertight cladding and architecturally designed features, the house was valued at over $1.8m in 2014.

Needless to say, our clients are more than happy with the return on their investment and to have created a more appealing and livable home in face of potential disaster.

“We were delighted to find the increase in the property value more than doubled and was well in excess of the cost of construction. We enjoy the house so much more that we do not anticipate moving.”

Contemporary residential architectural projects are demanding and detailed, but our working methods ensure we consistently exceed expectations. There’s nothing our team enjoys more than collaborating with clients to create a home that is essentially a dream come true. Browse this gallery of residential projects and you’ll see how our designs deliver beauty and liveability.